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Guidelines for Poster Presentations

The poster should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract and should meet the following criteria:

• Include the title of your presentation at the top of the poster.
• The title is a good way to sell your work. 
• It may be the only thing the conference attendee sees before they reach your poster.
• Above all, the title should be short and comprehensible to a broad audience

• The poster must be no less than A1 and no larger than A0 size (AO size is 841mm x 1189mm). 
• Orientation of your poster must be in portrait style/Landscape style.

• The poster should be easily readable at a distance of two meters.
• Recommended sizes: Title: 72 pt; Headings: 48-60 pt; Body text: 24-48 pt. 
• The text should be concise and easy to read. 
• After the title, the two most important panels are the Introduction and the Conclusion. On the basis of these two panels. These panels need to be very simple, concise and visually attractive.

• Graphics convey your message quickly,Posters are a visual medium and should include graphics. 
• Graphics not only catch people's eye and draw viewers in for a closer look... they are understood more quickly than text so are valuable tools for communicating of your main messages. 
• Use photos, cartoons, figures, tables, diagrams. Label them. Graphs and pictures are preferred to tables, and tables are preferred to text.


• Author's name/s 
• Author's organization/s 
• Organization’s logo/s 
• Contact details (email)

more about,  Guidelines for Poster Presentations plase download pdf


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