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Call For Paper

Tracks for Paper Presentation and Poster ( but are not limited to ):

Track 1: Special Track on IOT:

Wireless Networking, Modeling and simulation, IoT-Cloud Integration, Big Data, Smart City Applications, Protocols and Algorithms, IOT in Biomedical applications, System and network architecture, Embedded systems and sensor networks, Security privacy and safety, technology, IoT applications and services, Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Health Care, Human Computer Interfaces, Remote Sensing and surveillance, E-learning, E-Commerce, Graphical Information System.

Track 2: Communication and Networking:

Image processing, Digital signal processing, Embedded system, Artificial intelligence, Microelectronics, Mobile communication, Mobile Ad-hoc network, Modulation, Coding And Diversity, Multi- Carrier Communication Systems, Routing protocol and QoS, Cooperative Communication, Network Security and Cryptography, Space time Codes, Antennas and Propagation, MIMO and Adaptive antennas, Under water wireless Communication, Cross layer Designs, Cognitive Radio System And Networking.

Track 3: Applied Computing and IT:

 Data Mining, Software Aided Project Management, Computer And System Security, Knowledge Acquisition And Expert Systems, Design Automation, Smart Materials And Intelligent Systems, Cloud Computing, Android Technology, Data Mining, Algorithm Analysis, Computer Graphics, Neural Networks, Soft Computing, Distributed Computing, Bioinformatics, Semantic Web, Web Technologies, Ubiquitous Computing, Information Processing, Evolutionary Computing, Genetic Engineering. 

Track 4: Application of Power Electronics in Power System And Machine Control

Power electronics converters, Motor Drives and Inverters, Plant Design and Management, High voltage engineering, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Smart Grids, Micro-grids, Distributed Generation, Energy efficiency, Power System Stability, Protection and Control, Multi-Level Converters and Inverters, Active and Passive Filters, Wind , Solar, Tidal wave and hydro power, Hybrid Energy Systems , Super Capacitors and other energy storage devices, Biomedical Power Electronics, Automobile Applications, Modeling and Simulation, Topologies, Analysis and Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies, Hard Switching and Soft Switching Converters, Analysis and design of Electrical Machines, Energy Economics.

Track 5: Electronics Technologies:

• Reconfigurable Systems, VLSI for DSP, Biomedical Applications, ASIC & SOC, CAD for VLSI, RF Circuit Design, Bio-MEMS/NEMS, MMIC & CMOS Circuits, Nano-fabrication & Computing, Materials for Electronics, Integration of Electronic Systems, Instrumentation for Communication, Biomedical Sensors & Instrumentation, Industrial Instrumentation, Industrial Electronics, Opto Electronics, Nano Electronics, 3D Process and Integration Technologies, Substrate Embedding & 
• Advanced Flip-Chip Packaging, MEMS & Sensor Technologies, Wafer-Level CSP & Heterogeneous Integration, Novel Materials, Devices and 3D Interconnects, Wearable, Flexible and Stretchable Electronics,Optical Interconnects & 3D Photonics, Digital System and Logic Design, Computer Architecture and VLSI, Networked-Driven Multicore Chips, Advance Robotics systems, Analog and Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems.

 Track 6: Advanced Research in Science Technology and Learning: 

• (Only for Professionals)
E-Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual Learning Environments, Ethical issues in Education, Education, Research and Globalization, Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Energy and Environmental Biotechnology, Advanced Biochemistry, Wastewater Engineering, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Toxicology, Nanotechnology, Water, Air, Noise Pollution and Control, Solid Wastes, Environmental Law, Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Polymer Physical Structure & Chemistry, Kinetics, Thermodynamics And Isotherms, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, Food Science and Engineering, Environmental Management, Safety Management, Construction Management, Materials, Metallurgy and Industrial Engineering, Mining And Earth Science, and other issues on the environment, all similar science and technology studies, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology management. 


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